Benefits of joining Our Event Planners, Managers, and Venues Affiliates Program:

  • Increase your business opportunities  by joining our cooperative network
  • Increase your business value & growth  with our ongoing business meetings
  • Increase income for the same effort  (commissions from multiple sources)
  • Increase productivity and control (members receive free software platform, tools, & materials)

Note: You must be referred by an existing Affiliate to join our Affiliate program.

+ For a referral or more information including how the commissions work contact your sponsor, Promoted Events, LLC


What does it Cost to be a Member?

Affiliate membership is $199 to start - which covers the month you are starting in and the entire next month - and then $169 per month thereafter.

Is there a less expensive route?

Your sponsor, Promoted Events, LLC has the ability to award a one-year sponsorship. Contact your sponsor to request sponsorship.


What Do You Receive as a Member?

Build your events business with your own events management platform, co-branded website, ongoing training, and supportive network of like-minded event coordinators and suppliers.  As a Promoted Events Affiliate member, you'll receive:

  • The highest level of the platform (Enterprise License* @ $299/month) for free
    (* = ability to manage unlimited clients on the platform while also giving you Power User permissions into all of your clients' Free licenses -- allowing you to do for them what they cannot)
  • Personalized Promoted Events website (the website you are on right now)
  • Commissions on events, ticket sales, product & VIP upsales, etc (ask your sponsor for access to the commission modeler)
  • Business development training (expand into other markets; increase your revenue)
  • Membership in a collaborative network for opportunities
  • Access to our Regional Managers for support on specific projects
FULL Enterprise License

Manage unlimited clients and events with all of these tools (and many more!)...

Event Info Page Builder
RSVP/Registration Questionaire Builder
Use 'Offline Guests' to Consolidate Guest Lists
Marketing Links Generator
Ad Tracking/Performance Reporting
Collected Funds Reporting
Gamify Your Events with Scoring Tools!
Registration Alerts
Waiting Lists
Payment Processing
Promotion Codes
Automated Guest/Attendee Communications
Multi-Ticket Models Per Event
Power User Multi-Tenancy
Sign Up New Clients with
Your Own Co-Branded Website

Build-out of your co-branded website and set up of your Enterprise License are covered by the one-time $199 set up fee.

Take advantage of some of the many ways we support you and your business

Training Courses
Classes are free to Affiliate Members
EM Series - Event Management & System Training
The EM classes will teach you how to use all of the tools in your Power User license to set up, market, and track your events.
BD Series - Business Development
The BD series of classes focus on how to develop your business using the tools and support you are gaining here.
Genre Series - Specializing Opportunties
These 1, 2, and 3 session classes are given intermittently by experts who have specialized in the various markets, such as weddings, events for wineries & bars, sports events, etc.

Unlimited Support
PE staff are always available and ready to support you technically on the platform. And your Sponsor is always there to share their guidance and advice.

Collaborative Meetings
Participate in your Sponsor's weekly or bi-weekly meetings to stay on top of all the exciting things happening, learn more techniques and business strategies, and participate in collaborative opportunities.


Want to collaborate with other event planners across the country?   Become a Promoted Events Affiliate!

You'll start out as a member of your sponsor's team (your sponsor is Promoted Events, LLC) who will over time help you start to build your own team.  As you continue to attend your sponsor's meetings and learn what they have to share, you can pass your knowledge on to the members of your own ever-growing team.  In this way, we help you reinforce what you learn so that you are continuously becoming a more successful event planner and manager.

And the icing on the cake?  Beyond the normal event commissions you can make as a Promoted Events Affiliate, there are ALSO ways you can make recurring commissions from Promoted Events!

Reach out to your sponsor, Promoted Events, LLC, here to learn how both our regular and recurring commission programs work.