If You are Planning and/or Managing Events for Your Clients...


Partnering with Promoted Events is easy and comes with the following fantastic benefits:

  1. MARKETING - Listings on all of our web sites.
  2. TECHNOLOGY - Use of our full Enterprise-level platform to manage ticketing/registrations/collections for unlimited clients.
  3. SUPPORT & TRAINING - We provide you full training on how to best use our platform to reap the greatest benefits and opportunities. After you are up and running, we continue to provide ongoing support for any questions you may have.
  4. THE POWER TO LOCK-IN RELATIONSHIPS - You also receive a brand-dedicated version of this website allowing you to lock-in your services to anyone who signs up from the site:

    • Visitors to your site will be present only with your company as their planning/management partner (references to all other event planning/management companies are removed).
    • Your company will be presented internally as part of the Event Manager UI for every event set up by everyone who signs up via your brand-dedicated site.
    • All requests for information from the site will be available to you via your Site Inquiries report.

Just subscribe to our Enterprise subscription plan (click here) and someone from our side will reach out to arrange your training and get you set up so we can begin to promote your services today!

If you would like to know more before signing up, just let us know via the Contact form and someone will be in touch to answer all your questions. Please let us know if you would rather be reached by phone or email (if by phone, please include your phone number).