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Whether you are just managing a single event of your own or running a large events management company with dozens of active clients, our network is designed to help you achieve your goals as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Spinning Up Your Own Event?

Our quick and easy single event wizard makes what would otherwise be a complex task super-simple.  Just click to get started.

Managing Multiple Clients?

Access the enterprise version of our platform to manage & support multiple clients and their events.

Event Planners & Suppliers

We partner with Event Planners, Coordinators, and Suppliers across the country.  So that you can find the right team to help you organize and pull off your events with the absolute best results.

Regional Managers

For events that may require knowledge of local regulations and permits, our regional managers are on hand to point you in the right direction, to the right venue, and keep you out of trouble.

Look a Little Closer

Want to learn more about our EMC Partnerships, Distributorships, and Regional Managers?

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Need help marketing? No problem, PE's got the tools for you!

  • 01 Marketing:  Link Tracking & Performance Analysis

    Promoted Events will track all of your ads and graphically compare their performance for you; so you can tell which ads are working and which ones are not.  Increase ad spend effectiveness over time while improving your event turnout every time.

  • Automated text and email communications with your attendees before, during, and after your events creates goodwill and keeps everything flowing smoothly.

  • Secure opt-in communications across all previous attendees provides a robust audience for all of your future events.

  • Opt-in for event sharing and your events will be promoted on the info pages of events of similar types and/or ownership (that do not occur on the same dates).

  • Keep your event private ... or...   click a button and Promoted Events will automatically publish your event onto any of several event advertising platforms.   And provide performance tracking on each platform back to you!

  • Use our referral management tools to turn attendees from any of our thousands of events into referral sources for your events.


A World of Events

The events world is exploding as more people work from home, more businesses are moving to a 4-day workweek, and culture is evolving.  Below are just a few of the kinds of events you can use Promoted Event to help make exceptional.

  • All
  • Arts, Culture & Culinary
  • Competitions
  • Conferences
  • Excursions & Tours
  • Humanitarian & Environmental
  • Business Networking & Team Building
  • Seminars & Workshops
  • Social

Wine Tastings

One of many types of events designed for wineries


Large or Small


Tickets On & Off Broadway

Cross-Training Competitions

Mix Multiple and Different Score Types


Coordinate and Sell Group Travel

Networking Events

Manage Association Meetings & More

Walking/Running Races


Community Barn Raising

Coordinating efforts across an entire community

Fashion Shows

Operas and Gala Events

Business Training Classes

Seminars of Any Kinds


Take the luck out of potlucks

Family & Class Reunions

Coordinate People All Across the Country

Training Conferences

Single or Multi-Ticket Models

Bike Races

And competitive events of any other kind

Cooking Workshops

hundreds of different kinds of workshops

Ghost Tours

Tours, escape rooms, and more

Team Building

business team building events

Host a Rafting Adventure

How many different adventures can you think of?

Team Building Workshops

Build better teams through shared experiences

Clean-Up Events

Put together a group for a park clean-up day

Like-Minded People Coming Together

Share ideas and discover new directions

Host a Planting Party

Save the earth one tree at a time

The Gang's All Here!

For any kind of social event

Business Expositions

Opportunities for your clients to learn more about you


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